Julian Hill MP Labor Member for Bruce

Support for TAFE

Julian Hill is the Labor Member for the Bruce electorate in the Australian parliament.

The Albanese Labor government will focus on positive solutions for health, jobs, and education for a better future.

You can support Julian Hill and Labor by donating, volunteering, or joining the Australian Labor Party.

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Labor's plan for a better future

A better life for working families, with stronger Medicare, cheaper child care, and better aged care. And secure jobs with better pay, fair conditions, and investment in skills and education.

The PM leads a rotten government

The Morrison government has failed to introduce a national anticorruption commission. This is the most corrupt, rotten and wasteful government in the history of our nation.

Major upgrades for local swimming centres

Our community’s well-loved swimming pools need rebuilding. A federal Labor government would contribute $20 million to support these much-needed upgrades to our local swimming centres.

Stopping the privatised pension card

Pensioners have a right to control how they spend their own money. Without the government and a private company controlling where they can shop and what they can buy.